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Dec. 23rd, 2007

Thinking man

(no subject)

Hello again everyone. After a six month hiatus or so I've got a few interesting stories to tell. As always I'll try to keep this journal as entertaining as possible and put minimal whining in here (although I can already tell from my previous entries that that was not the case a few times). In any event, I'd like to share with you all a small adventure that took place this Wednesday, December 19th, 2007.

Warning: possible ill thought-out jokes aheadCollapse )

Dec. 18th, 2007

Thinking man


This place sure is dusty

May. 30th, 2007

Thinking man

DXL isn't dead! I've just been sleeping is all....

Yeahhhh.......well in case anyone was wondering I've finished that paper! Haha...oh jeeze...listen livejournal, I know I haven't been calling you lately.  And before you say anything let me just say that it's not you...it's me.  When I was busy in school I didn't really have alot of time but I made time to write to you, but now that I'm not busy I just don't really do much of anything.  After a few weeks it got kinda weird and so thats when I really didn't want to post.

Anyways to the good stuff, I definitely can post another batch of AIM quotes, plus I've thought of a five part mini series where I'll give everyone a short summary of all the classes that I've taken while at uconn.  Hopefully it'll be a way for me to remember the classes that I've taken and it'll be marginally funny for you guys.

So far my birthday has been great and I appreciate all of the well wishing =) . This is the best christmas ever!'

So probably when I get back to my apt (where I've complied some info already) I can start fleshing those ideas out plus some that I've probably forgotten (but wrote down) already.  See you in a few days.

May. 3rd, 2007

Thinking man

This paper is taking over my life

--Apologies for the lack of updates, school is just finishing up and this paper has turned out to be a monster of a project.  I've got some pretty good ideas about what I'll be posting in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned, you won't be dissapointed.

--Also I plan on responding to the posts made in my RTFM post, it seems that I've encouraged some lively debate on the subject and I'm interested in what you guys have to think (not really)

--Graduation is on sunday so once I get that silly thing out of the way I should have plenty of time for slacking 8-).  See ya'll in a bit.

Apr. 28th, 2007


Adventures in school land! (or fourth place bitches!)

It's been a long time since I posted, and it's for the obvious reasons. Finals will be starting Monday and it was simply a desperate scramble to finish all my work before then. Mainly, the work that I was doing was to finish my design project for demonstration day. It was on Friday and I was literally up until 6am finishing the posters for our presentation:

demo day was from 10-4 and all I have to say is that WE GOT FOURTH PLACE! FUCK YEAH!

The amount of crazy work that it took to get this far was unimaginable. And to his credit, Kurt did alot more work than I did on this project in order to get it to the pictures you're seeing now. He pisses the hell outta me sometimes but I know that he wants to do a good job and he's a good person. By the end of this project we were ready to kill eachother, but I think we've come to an understanding:

I didn't really realize why Kurt was pushing for a mechanical model so much. Only when I got there and saw all of the other projects did it dawn on me that this is a MECHANICAL ENGINEERING project, and all of the other projects had much cooler stuff to show off than our dinky glue gun. On the flip side, I also think that no matter how phatty bangin' our glue gun was going to be it wouldn't of beat out the other projects that had much more impressive setups. Our project was much more about data, which is really hard to show off in a dick measuring contest.

In other news, despite all of this work I was still able to go out one night during spring weekend. And while I've largely grown out of the "ZOMG SO MANY DURUNK PEOPLE!" I still had alot of fun. It's one of those times where everyone is so much friendlier towards one another, and If that's simply drug induced then so be it.

Also, this is definitely NOT Jonas TePaske on SPRING WEEKEND! WOOO:

And finally for the easy stuff, I've come to the conjecture that inside a black hole time and space reverse their own meaning. And assuming that our universe is within a black hole then all we have to simply do to travel through time is to escape the very fabric of our universe so we can spatially travel in our time. How do you do this you ask? Two words: gravity waves.

If you guys are interested in my half-baked ideas about general relativity then let me know. But let me warn you, I'll probably just post about it later anyway.

Well I'm starting to get the shakes, which means Kurt is about to call me and get mad at me because I haven't started writing my paper yet, so that means we're out of time. Later folks!

Apr. 18th, 2007


Read the fucking manual! (or a window into my thought processes)

This post was spurred by a conversation that I was having with Colin and Keith while we were hanging out in the physics lounge.

Apr. 15th, 2007


BBQ spectacular 8000!


Apr. 10th, 2007

Thinking man

General Update...

--So I found out that livejournal's basic html "rich text" can't do image maps for me.  That being said, I don't think I'll be posting my darfur venn diagram, as it involves a relatively complicated image map (and plus it's not really that funny). 

--I've got a few more images from my pile that I'll continue to post.  I'll probably end up posting pics of my pets in the next few days

--I cracked open my old notebook filled with every joke that I ever thought was worthy of writing down.  I'll be featuring excerpts from that tome of over-appreciated jokes. 

--school is almost over and yet there's no end to senior design in sight.

--I forgot how to play video games.

--Music you should check out: Muse, RjD2, Royksopp, Phoenix.

--If it's awkward, just go with it.

Monty Python fans...

Eat your heart out...

Apr. 6th, 2007

Thinking man

Hairtime adventures

Well I finally got my hair cut. Also, the beard is gone. It feels a little strange. I keep trying to emo style flip my hair but there's really nothing there anymore (phantom flip syndrome). But before I got rid of the hair and beard, I decided to experiment with different facial hair. If you like any of them let me know (I happen to be very partial to the 70's porn stache).

The truth'll set you freeCollapse )

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